An End of Year Accounting

Been feeling generous, lately?

You should.

Library Used Book Sale- $ 113.75 = 455 books sold and the remainder given to local charities

5th Grade Science Trip Bake Sale- $525.00

Holiday Donations for Families in Need- $2,473.00 = 28 different families assisted

Parent/Family donations to the P.F.O.E. fund- $3,995.00 = field trips, supplies, books, programs, equipment etc.

Not to mention the hundreds of hours that have been donated by parents, grandparents, teachers and other staff and family members to the in-depth education and care of our kids.


Don’t freak out but we will jump back into the old routine next week with activities like Pajama Day and/or Game Day. Several classes will have maturation discussions, high school/college planning meetings, Upper Grade Parent Workshops, explore propositions will be due and many strategic planning meetings have been set up. Please see individual parent letters or community emails for details.

And may you have a safe andIMG_3735 secure, learning- and love-filled new year.

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