High School? And then…?

Our counselor, Dan, is meeting with all of our 8th grade students and their parents to help them plan for high school and beyond. We are learning about what our choices are and how to plan for them according to our strengths and interests.

Most of the 8th graders are busy with end of year projects and internships with local organizations and businesses. These experiences are helping to form their views of the future.

Some resources to help with college and career planning and ideas on how to pay for it all-

Utah Futures

Utah System of Higher Education

Step Up to College and Career

College Board (AP and SAT)

ACT Testing

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook   and  Bureau of Labor Statistics Student Resources

UESP (Utah Educational Savings Plan)

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)



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