Book Wish List

(Please see the librarian if you have any questions. Thank you!)

*need multiple copies 1-3

**need 10 copies

ital non-fiction subjects needed



I am Malala- Yousafzai

Swan- Snyder

Diego- Winter

Exiled in the Land of the Free: Democracy and the US const.- Lyons

Navajo String Games- Mose

*Knots in My Yo-Yo String- Spinelli

*The Story of Sacajawea- Rowland

*They Led the Way- Johnston

**John Roy Lynch- Tate

Rookie Yearbook 1, 2 & 3

Mental Illnesses & diseases- autism, depression, bipolar, AIDS/HIV…

New York, Illinois, California, American Samoa, Guam, Am. Virgin Islands,

Polynesia, Australia, Middle East, N. Europe

Native Utah plants and animals

Wars- Bosnia, Afghanistan, 9/11

Colonial Comics- Rodriguez

Shackleton’s Journey- Grill

There Was Once a Sky Full of Stars- Crelin

Bright Sky, Starry City- Krishnaswami

Sophie’s Night Sky Adventure- Poppele

Computer Science/Programming

Learn to Program- Pine

Book Wish List

Archery, Fencing, Costuming…

Professor Cat’s ….Science- Wallinman & Newman

Animalium- Scott & Broom

Infographics- Grundy & Rogers

The Worm- Gravel

This Land is My Land- Littlechief

What if? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions- Munroe




*Angel Child, Dragon Child- Surat

Archvillian 1 & 2- Lyga

*Alexander and the Wind up Mouse- Lionni

*Always Room for One More- Leodhas

*Anna Banana and Me- Blegvad

*Aunt Flossie’s Hats- Howard

*A Straw for Two- Sanvoisin + *Ink Drinker and *City of Ink Drinkers

*A Toad for Tuesday- Erickson

*Amos Fortune- Yates

Avatar Graphic Novels

*Beardance- Hobbs

*Bunnicula- Howe + Celery Stalks @ *Midnight & *Howliday Inn

*Courduroy- Freeman

**Crenshaw- Applegate

Book Wish List

Crispin End of Times #3- Avi

*Everything on a Waffle- Horvath

*Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library- Grabenstein

*Everest #1- Korman

Fablehaven #2 Rise of the Evening Star

Flat Stanley #5

Fruits Basket- Check For Age Appropriateness!

Fat Angie- Charlton-Trujillo

*Fables- Lobel

*Fish is Fish- Lionni

*Gathering Blue- Lowry

*Good Work Amelia Bedelia- Parish

Gray Boy- Arnosky

*Ghost Town Treasure- Bulla

*Hildilid’s Night- Ryan

*Inside Out and Back Again- Lai

Kingdom Keepers?

Kane Chronicles #2

Knight’s Castle #2- Eager

*Little Bear- Minarik

*Make Way for Ducklings- McCloskey

*Matilda- Dahl

Michael Vey 2, 3+

*Masterpiece- Broach

Book Wish List

Ragweed #2- Avi

*Surviving the Applewhites- Tolan

*Sable- Hesse

*Scepter of the Ancients- Landy

Secret Zoo 2,3 &5

Superhero ABC- Mc Leod

*The Borrowers- Norton

*The Goat in the Rug- Geraldine

*The Incredible Journey- Burnford

*The Little Mermaid and Other Stories- Scholastic Jr. Classics

*The Monkey Thief- Henderson

*The Popcorn Book- DePaolo

*Titanic Crossing- Williams

*Tuck Everlasting- Babbitt

*The Battle for the Castle- Winthrop

*The Midnight Fox- Byars

*The Talking Eggs- SanSouci

*The Wheel on the School- DeJong

*The Slave Dancer- Fox

*Who is Carrie?- Collier

*Wonder- Palacio

*Wednesday Wars- Schmidt

What Elephant?- Cote

Who am I Without Him?- Flake

Book Wish List

Wereworld 4-6- Jobling

*Wonderful Wizard of Oz unabridged- Baum

*Yolanda’s Genius- Fenner

Zero, One, Two & North Star- Otoshi