by Jon Scieszka

Dear Parents,


We would like to apologize for adding this book to our library collection.

You see, the title is more than accurate as the author is truly a Knucklehead.

There are stories in this book that will horrify, worry, trouble, shock, mortify, agonize, torment and cause you parental insomnia.

Warning: You may also be struck with a sense of nostalgia that involves telling your children about when you were a kid along with stories of the dumb things you used to do. You may even feel the need to take your children outside and do some dumb things together!

Any student who requests this book will be required to promise NEVER to repeat or re-enact any of the dumb jokes or stunts in this book, EVER (except those found on pages 12, 34, 38, 59, 78 & 88-90).

We will also try to convince them to read another of Jon Scieszka’s books such as Math Curse, The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, or one of his Guys Read collections instead.


Your Librarians


Genre: autobiography, humorous, non fiction
Subjects: family relationships, growing up, writing