School’s First Day of School

by Adam Rex

One of my favorite authors, Adam Rex, has written a very funny book about how the school feels on the first day of…well…school.

We get to see how embarrassing it is when you have a fire drill, or how worrisome it is when a little girl is so afraid of you she has to be carried by her mother.

Do you remember thinking your school janitor (or teacher) sleeps at school? Do you know what the big kids do at recess?  Can you imagine what OUR school thinks about us walking around, playing games, attending meetings and learning stuff all the time?

Take a look at the amusing illustrations artist Christian Robinson has created. I am always amazed by the partnership between author and illustrator, the way 2 people can come together to make a perfect story.

Genre: humorous, Picturebook
Subjects: bullies, dealing with worry, first day of school, friendship, imagination, silly
Illustrated by Christian Robinson