Understanding Comics: the Invisible Art

by Scott McCloud

Every year an observant parent co-oper tunes in to student fascination with comics and teaches a small group about comic art.

The way that comics make concepts accessible for every age and reading ability. The way that comics are a thing kids can do and suddenly they are an author and illustrator. Comics are really, what kids are already doing as they draw and explain their thoughts on paper.

Parents can share their love of comic art with kids and both can learn to be better writers, illustrators and communicators together.

Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics: the Invisible Art is a great tool to read before facilitating an explore or mini-course on the subject at school. A quick, illustrated primer of history, art and human innovation.

Bonus back up information if you are hoping to convince someone of the validity of comics as a teaching tool or “real” reading.

*If anyone turns their comic art into a book or creates a zine, we would love to have a copy available in the library!*

Genre: graphic novel/comicbook
Subjects: art, books, history, parent resource, writing