OC Mailing Lists

The OC has a number of mailing lists to help members of the community connect with each other via email.

To subscribe or unsubscribe from a list, change your information, or for any other issues relating to email, fill out this form.

What lists are available and what are they for?

OC news. All members of the community are automatically enrolled in this list. Every effort is extended to ensure that the news items posted on it apply to the whole community. It is moderated, so any posts to it will be reviewed before going out. To post an item to the OC News list, please send it to OCNewsposts@ocslc.org. As soon as it is approved by the moderator, it will post to the entire list.

OC Support is a more informal voluntary list where people are free to discuss a broader array of OC-related topics.This is the list to use if you’re a teacher, administrator, or co-oper who needs support with a program, event, extracurricular activity, etc. This group is for making requests and for volunteering. We hope that everyone at the school will want to be on this list, but it is understood that some people do not wish to be on any more email lists than are necessary. This list is not moderated.

Class lists are named according to each teacher’s first name. Please be aware that these lists include both teachers parents. If you would like to send a private message to a teacher, you will need to use their personal email account. Teachers and parents use these lists to communicate information that is relevant to each individual classroom.

Upper Grades is a list for communication between all of the classes in the upper grades.

Lists for standing committees such as New Families, Steering, Co-oping, Community Support.

There are many more lists for additional groups, but the ones listed above are the most important for everyone to be aware of. You can see your subscribed lists by logging into Open Classroom’s Google Groups (groups.google.com/a/ocslc.org).

OC Community Google Group

This group is not hosted or regulated in any way by school administration. Members can set up their own profile and manage their own account. The group is moderated by several volunteers from our community, and requests to join will be approved by one of the moderators. To join, please go to http://groups.google.com/group/oc-community and request an invitation. You will be asked to identify yourself and how you are connected to the Open Classroom community.

This group is about connecting as a community, and as such, moderators will not tolerate abusive posts or allow anonymous users. It is hoped that our community will continue to grow and maintain the ties we develop as we work with our children and each other in the classroom; ideally, this email group will help facilitate that. We welcome all who wish to join to be a part of this.

A word about etiquette

With all correspondence, please identify yourself by name and email, your student(s), grade(s) and teacher(s), or your relationship to the school and to the class in question.

Please remember to “reply” rather than “reply all,” unless you want everyone to know your business.

Changing your list membership

You can unsubscribe from a list by going to the OC Google Groups page, click on the list, then My Membership, and click Leave Group. See the OC Email List FAQ for more information. If you have any problems or if you need to be subscribed to a list, please use this form.