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Did you see it?

At the bottom of your  registration page. The part where you can sign your child up for a SLC library card? Do it. If your child does not already have one, do it. It is free even if you do

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Summer Reading!

There are so many free, easy and entertaining ways to keep kids reading this summer! Story times, crafts, performances, prizes, workshops and BOOKS! Public Library Reading Programs- http://www.slcpl.lib.ut.us/events/view/3969/   Trackers will be handed out on the 29th. http://www.slcolibrary.org/le/lesp/index.htm The Utah State Fair- http://www.utahstatefair.com/readandwin 

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What’s in YOUR wallet?

Comic book writer Stan Lee says, “The smartest card in my wallet? It’s a library card.” Stan Lee talking about how important libraries are. We are all about modeling the behavior we want to see in our kids, right? So,

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A movie and a book?

For your neighborhood outdoor movie viewing pleasure- Despicable Me 2 will be showing for free at the Avenues Block Party tomorrow July 25th @ dusk and is hosted by Hatch Family Chocolates 376 8th Ave.   If you still need

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How is that summer reading going?

Watch and listen to Dav Pilkey explain how reading makes cats jealous.   Then check out some of his books – Dogzilla The Captain Underpants and Diaper Baby Series The Silly Gooses Big Dog and Little Dog The Dumb Bunnies

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Books + Art = Bigger Brain

Literature and Art are being paired a lot this summer. This weekend you can find books and chalk hanging out together at The Gateway shopping center. Enjoy a free book and some beach themed fun while celebrating foster families. KSL

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Assembly time change

Leslee and Carolyn’s retirement assembly is now scheduled for 9:00 am instead of 9:30. All are welcome. On Monday school will be dismissed at the regular time but Tuesday will let out early at 1:15. Here is a Deseret News

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Why Picture Books are for Everyone.

Recently, because of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, you may have heard people discussing how the power of that amazing speech lies in its duration- short but packed with a dynamite load of meaning and emotion. Complex but

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Is this book too hard?

Imagine how frustrating it must be for a child to see a book with something that interests them pictured on the cover but then  opening it up and not quite having the skills to decode what it says inside. Independent

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Great ebooks

There is this great resource for e-books that you and your kids should take a look at. The SLCSD has a FollettShelf account for all of our students to access for free.  You and your child can search through about

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