2011 Fall Open House — November 9

2011 Fall Open House — November 9

The Open Classroom Open House is next week!

Have you ever been asked “What makes the Open Classroom different from my kids school?”

Now is the perfect time to invite those curious families to come and see the school; take a tour, meet parents and students, and see if this is where they’d like their children to learn and grow.

The Open House is for prospective-parent information-gathering. To ensure that you get the most out of your evening, we encourage you to make other arrangements for childcare.

Open Classroom Cafeteria

Wednesday, November 9 @ 6:30pm

2 comments on “2011 Fall Open House — November 9
  1. Allyson Maughan says:

    I have two girls I would like to enroll. It looks like in the application that there is no room to say whether the kids have siblings or not. If one of my daughters get into the school will the other one be able to come as well?

    I can not have them go to different schools so this is just something I would like to know in advance as I look for a place for them to go.

    One will be in 3rd grade and one will be in 1st.
    I am also wondering if you have had full classes before, is it even possible that there would be a spot for them in those grades? Have you ever in the past had openings for grades after KG?

    Thanks so much for you time,
    Allyson Maughan

  2. You would need to apply for each child separately. There is no way to guarantee that both would get in to both classes because the classes will have different head counts. If you don’t get in, you will be put on a waiting list that is selected by lottery. Preference is generally given to kids who have siblings at the OC (e.g. if one was able to get in but the other wasn’t), but that is not necessarily a given. People have transferred into grades other than Kindergarten in the past. 1st grade can be toughest to get into because there are so many kids coming from different schools.

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