Look what’s new in your Google Groups!

Look what’s new in your Google Groups!

Guess what’s new in Google Groups? The OC!

Take a peek:

Great. How do I get there?

There are two ways to get to this page (which will obviously display your groups, not just these specific ones). You can use (and bookmark) this direct link (groups.google.com/a/ocslc.org — which will also live in the Current Families menu). Or you can get there from the Google Groups Home (groups.google.com):

Click on My Groups. You should have a message like this at the top of the screen:

Click on the “show” link and click the “View x groups at ocslc.org” link (where x is the number of lists you are subscribed to).

Does this mean I will need to go to Google Groups to get my class/committee email?

No! The email will still be delivered normally. The only difference is that now all groups/lists (classes and committees) are prefixed with their list name (e.g. [Ruth's Class]). However, you can now manage your own subscriptions and email delivery on a per-list basis using Google Groups.

What if I don’t have a Google account?

Odds are you actually do and you just don’t know it. Google uses whatever email address you normally use (it doesn’t need to be a Gmail address) and is used for things like Google Checkout, Google+, Blogger, Picassa, YouTube, and a variety of other (non-Google) services. If you actually don’t have a Google account already set up, that’s no problem either, you can just create a new one with your email address (the one that is subscribed to the lists) and it will automatically show you those lists you’re subscribed to.

Do I have to?

Not really. You only need to use the web-based groups if that’s how you want to access them and/or if you want to change your subscription level. However, the Web team will still be monitoring the list change requests form. Groups on the web, though, means easy access from mobile devices which may be easier than digging through your email on your phone.

Okay, so how do I unsubscribe myself from a list or change my subscription settings?

Navigate to the list you want to change your membership to, and click the My Membership button.

You will get a new window which will give you an option to leave the group or change how frequently you get emails from the list. Click “Leave Group” if you want to unsubscribe.

I’m a committee chair and I’ve been getting all these “moderator reports” for spam. What’s up with that?

Moderation is in place to keep your lists from getting spam. Since all the lists are currently configured to be able to accept email from other lists (so committees or classes can work collaboratively on projects or trips), this opens up the possibility for spam to get sent through to the list. The moderator reports are sent to the committee chairs (who are set up as list moderators) with the intent that a human can look at the subject of the email and determine if it’s actually spam (and ignore the message, since it’s already filtered) or if it should be sent through to the group. This has now been disabled so no one will be getting these moderator spam reports anymore. However, this is a double-edged sword, as some email might get filtered as spam incorrectly. If you are a committee chair you can check your moderated messages to see if anything has been filtered as spam. If you’ve sent an email to a list or a committee and you think it may have been filtered as spam, your best bet is to talk to that person face-to-face and ask if they received it. If not, the moderator/committee chair can check the pending/moderated messages by clicking the Settings button, and Manage Messages. (This is only available to list moderators.)

So this is just like the OC Community Google Group that already exists, right?

No. That is a community-moderated Google Group that is run on the official Google Groups. The class lists and committees are on ocslc.org’s official Google Groups. They are two separate entities. The OC Community list was set up as a sort of trial run, but also needed to be made separate from the “official” lists (off of the ocslc.org domain). The Community list is run by fellow members of the OC community and is not associated with or affected by any of the changes described in this post.

As always if you have any other questions you can always ask the Web Committee and we’d be happy to help you out!

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