Open Classroom kids go to the Utah state Capitol

Open Classroom kids go to the Utah state Capitol

Open Classroom kids helped initiate a new bill that was signed into law last month. Our Principal, Martin Yablonovsky had this to say about it:

It was a real privilege to witness the Governor of Utah signing a bill that our students and parents made happen. In the fall, our upper grade students went to Jordanelle reservoir to do some service and a little fishing. When they went to fish they were told they couldn’t do it without a current fishing licence. This experience led to an explore class in which Jim Jette worked with upper grade students to work through the political process of making it law that students, while on a public school sponsored field trip, will be able to fish without a fishing licence. Utah House Bill 90 was signed yesterday. Congratulations Jim and all of you students who contributed to this process. See the attached photo of some of the upper grade students sporting their poles on the steps of the Capitol.

You can listen to the whole hearing on the Utah Legislature site.

Our students begin to address the committee at 18:45

Congratulations to everyone involved in this awesome project!

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