We just concluded the last Steering meeting of the 2013-14 school year.

Sadly, this was the last one ever for our Head Teacher Carolyn. She is moving on to a well deserved retirement. Our beloved teacher Leslee is retiring this year as well. These people built the Open Classroom and its philosophy. They, along with Barbara Rogoff, wrote The Book. Do you remember the lofts? Or the tub? How about stepping out into the hall to problem solve or that class camp out on Mother’s Day when we saw the mother moose with her baby? Come share your own memories and a dish at the potluck next week in honor of two of my favorite educators.

carolyn and leslee retirement party









Today Martin, our principal, took a group of students to tour Timpanogos Cave. The National Park is now open for the season- go take a look.

And tomorrow you can catch some talented students who would love to make you laugh. The O.C. Improv Team will be performing from 7 to 8 in the gym. Adults $3, alumni & kids 14 and under $2.



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