PTKs & Book Fair!

Hey! Next week is our PTKs!

These meetings between parents, teachers and kids are very important to our community. Our students have been evaluating how they feel about their progress and learning at school. They get to reflect on their social and academic growth and we get to hear how they hope to improve.  Parents can ask questions or express concerns and we can acknowledge students’ achievements. And we get the chance to show our appreciation to our wonderful teachers by treating them to dinner.

Before or after PTKs parents and kids can stop by the library to peruse the many award winning books for sale!

We are partnering again with local book vendor The Story Cupboard to give our kids quality children’s books and earn new titles for our school library. Last year we added about 90 new books to the library and many books were donated to individual classrooms.

We try to stay away from the over commercialization that often targets children in the world so you wont find the usual toy/movie/junk food ads disguised as a children’s book type stuff.

10/28 & 29 12:30-6:00

10/29 9:30-1:30 

Hope to see you there!

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