A letter from the SLC school district

November 22, 2016
Dear Family and School Community,

We are extremely fortunate to have such a diverse community where we have students hailing from six out of seven continents, speaking over 100+ languages and practicing a plethora of religious doctrines. In the last couple of weeks, there have been a number of hateful acts that have occurred throughout the United States, including our state and our school district.

Our schools are safe places where all students, faculties, staff, and community members are respected and valued. As we engage in dialogue with students and staff, regardless of political opinion, we must use this time to build a supportive and inclusive environment of critical thinking and educational discourse that educates our students.

As we continue into the school year, promoting excellence and equity throughout our school communities, please remember our commitment to civility and positive dialogue. We must exemplify strength and empower ourselves and our students as we continue the vital work that we do with our children. Keeping students safe is our priority.

It is at this time that we need to encourage a culture of positive discourse and monitor our behaviors as we continue to provide support, compassion and empathy to our students and colleagues. Regardless of hateful rhetoric and personal political opinions, we can all agree that they do not belong in our classrooms. We are here to nurture, support and provide a safe space for all students, staff and community members.
Please note that we have no tolerance for discriminatory acts that occur. We will deal with all complaints accordingly. Currently we have several policies that address:
• political activities on district property (http://www.slcschools.org/policies/documents/G-17-Policy.pdf)
• discrimination, harassment, retaliation (http://www.slcschools.org/policies/documents/G-19-Policy.pdf)
• cyberbullying and hazing (http://www.slcschools.org/policies/documents/G-20-AP.pdf)
Please contact the following if you have any questions:
• Equity Department: Claustina Mahon-Reynolds (801) 578-8281
• Student Services Department: Mindi Holmdahl (801) 578-8202
• Family & School Collaboration Department: Jenny Mayer-Glenn (801) 578-8283

Please see the resource links below for support for families:

Name phone link Comment
Communidades Unidas (801) 487-4143 http://www.cuutah.org/ workshop with information for parents
Catholic Charity Services (801) 977-9119 http://www.ccsutah.org/ Workshops
Jewish Community Center (801) 581-0098 JCC open safe place for all religions

Yours in Solidarity,

Claustina Mahon-Reynolds
Director of Equity

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