Recognizing our Outstanding Teachers

I’m so excited to share this amazing news. Two teaching teams were presented with awards this week for the following:

1. First grade teachers were recognized as the #1 team for overall student progress growth for last school year. This is above all first grade teams and students in the entire district!

Teachers are: Amanda Sutton, Tina Bond, Kirsten Oliver, James Smith, and Shelley Marston.

2. Also, math teachers from grades 7 & 8 were also the #1 team for math in student growth for last school year. Please remember again that this is #1 over the entire Salt Lake City School District!!!

Teachers are: Lena Foster, Paige Beals

District personnel came in to our staff meeting to surprise our staff and brought refreshments to celebrate the occasion!

None of this can happen without students and co-opers also giving outstanding effort. Please join us in congratulating our staff, students and families for such hard work to meet this outstanding accomplishment.

Best to you all and I wish you a wonderful Winter break! Remember, we have a spirit week beginning with pajama day on Monday, the 9th!

Kathy Hollicker

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