Time to put the books to bed for the summer!

Time to put the books to bed for the summer!

Sadly, this Friday (5/19) will be the last day to check out books from the school library this year.

We ask that you look under beds, car seats, behind winter coats, in back packs and all of the other places books tend to hide.
Library account email notices will go out next week.
We are more than happy to accept cash or check payment or a quality, used children’s book in place of any item your child has checked out that is determined to be lost or damaged.
Let us know if you believe a book was returned and not checked in. We will be checking shelves for books that were sneaky like that.
To keep those reading and learning muscles strong, take advantage of these wonderful summer programs-
Pottermore Summer Book Club-
Salt Lake City Public Library Summer Program-
Utah State Fair Summer Reading-
Read With the Salt Lake Bees-
Tips and ideas to make reading a special part of your family’s daily life-
Murray City Library StoryTube channel-
Salt Lake County Library Summer Program-
Utah’s Online Library-
A few other things in case you feel curious-

You can also find used books for sale in the hallway outside the library- a quarter each!

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