Music Ensembles

At the Open Classroom, we have three music ensembles, Acoustic, Rock, and Ukulele. Kids from sixth, seventh, or eighth grade are allowed to participate. Eric, our music teacher, meets with each ensemble every Wednesday for an hour to rehearse. We usually have three music assemblies throughout the school year. Many kids with many different talents are in our ensembles. The instruments that are played are the violin, guitar, electric guitar, drums, ukulele, bass, viola, and even vocal chords.

One student here at the Open Classroom who participates in the ukulele and acoustic ensembles is Kalaya Vincent, who shared some pros and cons of being part of these programs with me. She notes, “The practicing and songs can be tough, along with staying in sync with your peers, but, I enjoy the time spent with my classmates and I personally find being a part of this rather entertaining and fun. Though you have to be careful when choosing an ensemble to suffice your individual interests.”

During our assemblies, we would be no where without our amazing techies. They work behind the scenes of our plays, assemblies, and concerts. Po Hansen, who is one of our techies, noted that, ” It is fun to see the kids grow and change, and it is an experience that has taught me so many things.” As you can see, the kids who are included in this program enjoy being a part of it very much. They all cherish their time spent being a part of this inclusive, entertaining, music program that our school holds dear.

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