All Are Welcome

We’re so excited to see you!

Hopefully you have spent your summer running, playing and reading!

First day back is Monday, August 20th and it will be full of getting to know you games and reminders about where the restrooms are and circle conversations.

It will also be a short day. Maybe when the last bell rings at 1:15 you will go on a play date with your carpool friends or hang out in aftercare.

I have left a story for you to read as you explore the building. If you start at the main entrance near the main office you will find the title page and the first 2 pages of the story. Follow the numbers in order as you walk around.

Is the school in the story like ours in any way? Is their lunchroom the same or different? Do you see kids who look like you or your friends? Do you see families like yours? Would the story make sense if you followed the numbers backwards? Are there any patterns in the text or the illustrations? Where, in our school, does the story end? Did you find all of the pages? How many were there?

If you can, come into the library and say, “Hi!” to our new Book Monster.



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