A Few Skills We Can Work on Together *updated*

State, district and school committees are meeting through out the summer to work on some of the problems and logistics of going back to school in the fall.

In the mean time, here are some tips for developing good health habits that will increase our chances of staying healthy no matter what community alert level is in effect.

*Just wanted to include this great Story Seeds podcast with author Jason Reynolds! There are reviews for some of his (and other authors’) books here*

Thorough hand washing gives kids some control over their own health. Human cultures made big progress when they figured out good personal hygiene.

The spaces around us are becoming more populated as businesses open and events are re-scheduled, whether we are ready or not. Here are some gentle tips to encourage children to give themselves and others enough space to reduce viral exposure.

Mask use may be frightening for some children. With patience and honest conversations we can encourage those over 2 to use their masks comfortably and effectively.

Here are some more resources to help you work through this pandemic with children:

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Utah state COVID-19 information

Salt Lake City School District COVID-19 information

Our amazing counselor, Lindsay, has resources here.

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