Scholastic Book Orders

We have new Book Order Forms available!

During the COVID crisis, you can choose where to have your books shipped: to your home or delivered to the school with our library order. With a $25 order, you will get FREE shipping and a FREE Book (use code: READS). All orders also earn FREE Books for our library.

Order Due Date: 02/26/2021 New forms will be available every month.

Connect and Shop Our School Library Page: 

Shop the flyers with your child:

Flyers are also available on the red cart by the office. For those of you who want the whole sensory experience. The feel & smell of fresh book orders…mmmm.

Please feel free to forward the Library Page link to extended family and friends who may want to support your child’s reading.  

Library Code: TGHCM

Thank you for your support! 

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