The End is Near…

The school year is almost over!  Soon it will be time to evaluate what we have and dream about what we will need to keep our students reading and curious.
Last day to check out books May 21st.

We will begin calling all books and devices back to the library on May 28th.


Please return all OC library books to the bin by the main office or to Sunny the Library Book Monster. If you have any lost or damaged books, we ask that you do your best to replace them in one of these ways:

  1. Purchase a new or gently used copy of the book and give it to a librarian to clear your account
  2. Give Nicole the replacement funds and notify a librarian to clear your account
  3. Donate a new or like new children’s book to the library and… you guessed it- have a librarian clear your account

Laptops & Hotspots

Notices will start going out from the district and the OC Library on 5/28. Teachers will let you know when their classes no longer need to use devices.
All school devices must be returned to the Open Classroom along with cords and any headphones or mouses that were checked out.​ Replacement funds go to Nicole in the main office. We will be accepting all returns up until June 11th during regular school hours.

If you are feeling generous and would like to help replace any of the 300+ books lost over the last 2 years of frenzied Pandemic reading, we have a wish list –

Here are several local Amazon alternatives-

Summer Reading Resources

​Check your student’s Virtual Library or the Bulletin here-!

We look forward to reading with your children next year and not just their cardboard or pixel representations!
Karen & Jen

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