OC Library

The Open Classroom Library Objective: 

“To learn literacy and research skills and explore the world together, as a community.”



To accomplish this we must-

1- Keep the library space and its users safe.

2- Provide a wide variety of quality, up to date, and age appropriate research materials.

3- Provide a diverse selection of fiction materials so that every child can find themselves, their families and their peers represented in ways that are both positive & realistic.

4- Provide materials that encourage more reading and more research as well as creativity, responsibility and independence.

5- Provide opportunities for guided technological exploration and skill building.

6- Schedule time for every class to use the library resources on a regular basis.

Open Hours & Reservations –

Monday 8:40-3:00, Tuesday-Friday 8:40-3:30
The library is reserved alternating Mondays after school for faculty meetings and every Friday at 3:30 for the After Care program.

Steering meets in the library on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

Learn more about Steering here-

School tours meet in the library throughout the year.

Look here-   for dates and times.

To reserve the library space, submit a book review or if you have any questions contact one of our librarians at    or

or just drop by.


Books for Sale and Donations-

In the hallway just outside of the library you can find used children’s books for sale for only a quarter each and a box for donations. We love donations!

Borrowing Policy-

Pre-K and Kinder students are allowed to check out one book at a time for 2 weeks, 1-8 grade students are allowed 2 books.

Parents are welcome to check out books and other materials. We have a fantastic Parent Resource selection.

We do not charge a fine for late books but ask that you return them as soon as possible so that others may enjoy them, too.

Returned books should be fed to Violet, our Book Monster.


Useful online resources. Some sites may require user names and passwords. Check the parent board at school or ask a librarian.


000-099 Generalities

100-199  Knowledge

200-299 Religion and Mythology

300-399 Social Sciences

400-499 Language

500-599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

600-699 Applied Sciences

700-799 The Arts

800-899 Literature

  • Librivox
  • Teenreads
  • Storyline Online

900-999 Geography and History