Author: Rachel

Early Literacy Plan

Aug 29 2019  Special Meeting of Steering Executive Committee to review Early Literacy Plan 2019-2020. You may review the Early Literacy Plan HERE.

Music Ensembles

At the Open Classroom, we have three music ensembles, Acoustic, Rock, and Ukulele. Kids from sixth, seventh, or eighth grade are allowed to participate. Eric, our music teacher, meets with each ensemble every Wednesday for an hour to rehearse. We

Equity Toolkit

Provided below is a link to an Equity webpage for parents and students to better access equity information regarding Title IX, Title VI, and Section 504.  This page could be placed as a useful link on LEA and individual school website. 

Recognizing our Outstanding Teachers

I’m so excited to share this amazing news. Two teaching teams were presented with awards this week for the following: 1. First grade teachers were recognized as the #1 team for overall student progress growth for last school year. This

A letter from the SLC school district

November 22, 2016 Dear Family and School Community, We are extremely fortunate to have such a diverse community where we have students hailing from six out of seven continents, speaking over 100+ languages and practicing a plethora of religious doctrines.

Student Safety – Reports of Clowns

Dear parents,   You may have seen the news recently regarding schools receiving threats from anonymous social media accounts associated with clowns. This has been happening in other states for some time and has just recently been happening in Utah

A Letter to Students from Kathy Hollicker

Dear students,   Greetings!  My husband and I have just finished driving through 11 states, beginning in Maine, in four days and three nights to be with you!  I can barely wait to meet you!   A few things about me:

Welcome OC’s new Principal Kathy Hollicker

Dear Open Classroom Community: I am writing to introduce myself, give you a little information about my background and to say how thrilled I am to join your community! I am a progressive leader who has strong ability to assist

84105 Zip Code Party

August 9, 2014 – August 9, 2014 Map and Directions | Register Description: 84105 Zip Code Party! Come join the Goates family for an ice cream social! We will provide the ice cream, utensils and backyard. Bring your favorite topping

84116 Zip Code Party

August 16, 2014 – August 16, 2014 Map and Directions | Register Description: 84116 Zip Code Party Join us for an ice-cream social and get to know your neighbors! Please bring a topping to share. Contact Leslie Means with questions