George Shrinks

by William Joyce

Genre: adventure, humorous, Picturebook, read aloud
Subjects: clever child, family relationships, imagination, silly
Illustrated by William Joyce

All Are Welcome

by Alexandra Penfold

Genre: first day of school read aloud, Picturebook, read aloud
Subjects: back to school, community, family relationships, friendship
Illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman

Long Way Down

by Jason Reynolds

Genre: Contemporary, crime, poetry
Subjects: bullies, dealing with death and/or illness, family relationships, ghosts, honor

Rain Reign

by Ann M. Martin

Genre: Contemporary
Subjects: animals, family relationships, friendship, growing up, independent girl


by Jon Scieszka

Genre: autobiography, humorous, non fiction
Subjects: family relationships, growing up, writing

Her Right Foot

by Dave Eggers

Genre: Non-fiction picturebook, read aloud
Subjects: American history, France, immigration, New York, sculpture
Illustrated by Shawn Harris

Understanding Comics: the Invisible Art

by Scott McCloud

Genre: graphic novel/comicbook
Subjects: art, books, history, parent resource, writing


by Jason Reynolds

Genre: children's literature, Contemporary, Middle Grade
Series: Track | Subjects: domestic violence, family relationships, friendship, track

This is a Ball

by Beck Stanton

Genre: humorous, Picturebook, read aloud
Subjects: imagination, silly

First Rule of Punk

by Celia C. Perez

Genre: Contemporary, Middle Grade, read aloud
Subjects: family relationships, friendship, independent girl, music, positive social action