Family Involvement

Families of students enrolled at the Open Classroom are expected to support the school by co-oping in the classroom, attending classroom parent meetings, and completing committee or task work.


OC families are dedicated to working in the classroom 3 hours every week per child, with a maximum of 6 hours weekly per family.

Co-oping allows children to

  • work in smaller groups
  • learn how to interact with a variety of adults
  • benefit from co-opers’ vocational or professional knowledge

Parents are not given the responsibilities of professional teachers, rather they supplement and enrich the curriculum under the direction of the classroom teacher.

Each family is scheduled to co-op on the same day and time each week. Teachers train co-opers in the tasks that they will implement during their weekly block. Parents also receive support from other parents, as well as co-oping workshops that are held twice each year.

To access documents that can help you learn how to co-op in the classroom, visit the Information for Co-opers page.

Classroom Parent Meetings

Each teacher holds 5 classroom parent meetings during the school year. During classroom parent meetings, the teacher updates everyone on events and expectations in the classroom, and facilitates a discussion of issues and questions that arise. A member of each OC family is expected to attend all parent meetings for their class(es).

Committees and Tasks

During the school year, each family is expected to volunteer 30 hours of their time to committee work and/or tasks that are necessary to support the school and the children’s learning.

Parent volunteers collaborate with teachers and staff to coordinate the operations of the school in areas as diverse as art, publicity, budget and grounds maintenance. Parents can choose from among many committees and tasks to find the work that suits them best.

For their first year, all new families are automatically assigned to New Families committee. Monthly New Families meetings serve as an orientation to the OC.

For more information about the committees and what they do, visit the Committee descriptions page.


Family participation in the classroom, a 30 hour volunteer commitment, and attendance at parent meetings are normally required. But we also don’t want to turn kids away because their parents are unable to meet these requirements. If a family is unable to meet participation requirements due to serious economic or personal circumstances, the principal may grant a waiver.