Information for co-opers

Co-oping is a required commitment on for all Open Classroom families.  If you have questions about what that commitment entails, please review the policy.


The following documents may be helpful as you learn how to be an effective co-oper in the classroom:


  • How to build relationships with others
  • Look for / Listen for


  • How to make the most of your co-oping


  • OC School-wide agreements (CLASS)
  • School-wide con/sequences (the 5 R’s)


  • Co-oping suggestions: when you don’t know what to do


  • Helping kids problem solve

special language of encouragement

differences between praise and encouragement

  • The special language of encouragement
  • Phrases that demonstrate acceptance and confidence, recognize effort and improvement, etc.


  • Turn your words into gold
  • How to turn an unenforceable statement into an enforceable one

Book List

Co-op Workshop Agenda

Making Requests

Praise and Encouragement Statements

What about Sharing?

Whole Child Learning / Accountability