Money raised through Parent Donations (PFOE) and Fundraising events directly enrich our children’s learning experiences. Here are some of the things these funds are used for:

  • Supporting Art, Sports and Drama programs that go beyond the ordinary.
  • Special events, including Language & Culture Day, Fall Picnic, and Graduation.
  • Supplies, field trips and books for each classroom (your child’s teacher can tell you how the funds were spent in his or her classroom).


Special Events

Mark your calendars for November 27, 2018 – we’re participating in #LoveUTGiveTuesday, a giving day for charities, and we’d love your support. Our goal is to raise $5,000 for open education. Mark your calendars and go to to contribute!

Parents for Open Education (PFOE)

Each year, we request that families donate to our PFOE fund. Every voluntary donation goes directly to the Open Classroom, where it is dispersed on a per-pupil basis to classrooms. Some families give their donations all at once, and others give a little every month. The PFOE fund is separate from our administrative budget and it is used to fund field trips, pay for classroom supplies and sports experiences. The administrative budget covers building costs, faculty pay, office costs, etc. In each classroom the teacher decides how they would like to use the PFOE funds to supplement the whole child learning experiences for the class.

This year your PFOE funds are going toward taking kids to museums and nature centers, taking kids to the recreation center, buying markers, tissues, paints, clay, bringing in artists and authors to visit classes, support our new families mentor network, family skating, keeping our Art Closet well stocked and lots more.

This is the current breakdown of what is spent on each child each year:

  • $35.00 — Sports
  • $20.00 — School Supplies
  • $25.00 — Field Trips
  • $30.00 — Art

This totals $110 for each child each year from the PFOE fund.

Donating by check: Make checks payable to the Open Classroom and write SLEF (Salt Lake Education Foundation) on the memo line. Deliver your check in person to the main office, or mail to Salt Lake City Open Classroom, 134 North D Street, Salt Lake City, UT  84103

Donating Online: Visit the Salt Lake Education Foundation website to make a one-time or recurring donation. Please note that a 3% Administration fee is collected along with your online payment.

Effortless ways to give

There are many ways to give to the OC that won’t cost you a penny. Get your friends, neighbors and family members involved — it’s easy!

Smith’s Earn & Learnearnandlearn

Register your Fresh Values card each fall, and earn money for the OC with every purchase. Just print this barcode and bring it along with your Fresh Values card to Customer Service or any checkout counter. Barcodes are also available on the Fundraising bulletin board. Don’t have a Fresh Values card? Download an application (pdf).

You can also register for Earn & Learn online. Sign in at the Smith’s website, and add Open Classroom (number 84398) to your Earn & Learn information.


Dan’s will donate a percentage of your purchases, up to $500 per school year. Just write your name and “Open Classroom” on the back of your receipts and put them into the box in the hall by the main entrance of the school.

creamoweberCream O’ Weber Give ‘Em 5 Program

For every Cream O’ Weber bottle cap that we submit, Weber will give 5 cents to our school You can also collect bottle caps from local businesses, friends and family. Bring your caps to the Fundraising bulletin board.


GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as  you would any search engine.


GoodShop is an online shopping mall that donates up to 37% of each purchase to your favorite cause! Hundreds of stores including amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, eBay, Macy’s and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop. Enter Open Classroom as the charity you want to support.

Box Tops for Education

boxtopsA fun way for families and kids to fundraise is through the collections of Box Tops found on products we use everyday like cereal, pizza, soup, clothing and even school supplies. Print off this fun chart to use in your home to track your progress. Be sure to turn your Box Tops in at the bulletin board outside of the office!

As you do your grocery shopping, look for the pink Box Top coupons. They’re available on hundreds of products. A complete list of participating companies is available here. Bring your Box Tops coupons to the fundraising bulletin board.

Labels for Education

Save the UPC codes (not the whole label) or beverage caps from Campbell’s soup and other products, and earn free stuff for our school. Bring your labels and lids to the big Campbell’s bin across from the Fundraising bulletin board. See a list of participating products here.